Livin' in a City of Sleepless People
I hate this

Why must authors decide to kill their main characters…!!!??? Like do they find it funny to make you love he character, root them on, and then suddenly they’re gone. Like just because they died for a good cause it’s okay? I don’t care it’s for a good cause they lived their whole lives fighting for something and they don’t even get to enjoy it. Bullshit, authors.. Bullshit


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"your password is weak" fuck you

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I'm getting to Italy and Greece

Any help is greatly appreciated! I know some of you are as broke as me so just reblog and let people know! Thanks



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Parents will not believe the 2nd and 3rd ones

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Saw this in Ifunny couldn’t stop laughing… jerbearvevo


*loses a fight irl* wtf bro rematch I was lagging 

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#selfiesunday it’s been awhile since I’ve been on insta.. “He’s my sun, he makes me shine like diamonds”

Why can’t Latinas just admit/accept that she loves Peeta!! Ughh dumb hoe just friend zoning him and all he wants is her love not even the P



#best plot twist in modern film history

#lol ok Regina you keep writing in your little book whatever Cady got you goo-OH HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS CHRIST SHE JUST PUT HER OWN—WHAT?—WHAT GAME ARE YOU PLAYING?!!

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